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3. You will always have your Sword!

A number of years ago when my journey began in Siljun Dobup “Real Sword Training”, a wise man told me….

“No matter what goes on in your life; as you face adversity, remember this….,

You will always have your Sword!”

As I reflect on this conversation, it is evident to me that my sword martial arts training has truly been essential to enhancing inner peace and bringing harmony to my life. Through diligent and daily practice of Siljun Dobup, a sense of calmness, relaxation, and freedom from worry and stress is now my foundation even more so than ever before. That’s not to say, that worry and stress never occur but with continued training I am able to shift my mindset to focus on positive life experiences more swiftly rather than dwelling on life’s challenges.

I recently read a quote from an Iaido Grand Master as follows: “The true fight is the fight against oneself, that is the only true fight”. In Siljun Dobup (sword martial arts) we must constantly tame our ego and face our own internal adversary (the battle within is the only true fight), which is beautiful in itself that we learn to conquer ourselves time and time again and by doing so ultimately the limitations we put on ourselves.

The first stage of training in Siljun Dobup is beneficial as Grand Master Jin K. Seong would say “we must put down the Self”, in other words our ego. We all enter the Dojang with varying life experiences, education, etc., however we all start our journey facing OURSELVES in the mirror counting through the steps of drawing and sheathing until the movements become a natural part of who we are.

- My first week of training in front of the mirror!! :) -

As you learn a new technique, at first you can’t seem to get it right, but over time with practice and instruction from your teacher, you train yourself by focusing on the smaller details within the technique to be able to execute it anytime, anywhere without hesitation. If you are able to apply this same principle to areas of your life that need development, you realize that you are in control of how you lead your life and are constantly growing as a person who is responsible for their own self-development. That’s the true benefit of Siljun Dobup (sword martial arts) training.

My devotion to my sword training deepened even further after this conversation and often remember these wise words many years later. As I now move through another stage of life, my Sword is exactly where it should be and has been, by my side!

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