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1. The intent of Set Ji (Earth) in Siljun Dobup

The intent of Set Ji (Earth) is to create the foundation for students to learn techniques and develop themselves through the sword martial art Siljun Dobup. Set Ji teaches fundamentals, drawing, sheathing and basic techniques (i.e., 8 directional cuts, proper cutting angles, stance and breath control) used within the sword martial art. Students who practice Set Ji also begin to learn and understand efficiency of movement. Set Ji lessons create a foundation of knowledge that can be applied to higher level Sets, techniques and forms.

The unseen purpose of Set Ji takes place in the mind, where with self-control, repeated practice, patience and focus; layers of learned conditioning are removed moving a student into the proper state of mind to continue practicing and honing themselves to be a little better each day. Once this takes place, are mind becomes free and open to allow us to fully learn from our Master(s), our fellow students and instructors.

Set Ji is my constant guide and reminder that with focus you can reach higher levels of achievement with patience and practice. I continuously apply the fundamentals and confidence that Set Ji has given me to other martial arts such as Kumdo (Kendo) and Chosun Sebup as well as in my life on a daily basis.

For each student Siljun Dobup is a deeply personal journey and with mastery of Set Ji and its lessons; you have all that you need to continue your journey on the right path and with the correct mindset.

Set Ji (Earth) #1 & #4

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