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About Perception Sword Academy

Perception Sword Academy aka Sung In Kwan was founded in 2015. The school is located in Closter, New Jersey in partnership with Kumdo Academy Sung Moo.  


Siljun Dobup, a Sword Martial Art, which translates literally as “real sword training” in Korean. The Art Form focuses on drawing, sheathing and cutting techniques with the sword known in Japanese as the katana.


Siljun Dobup incorporates individual Art Form (kata) practice; test cutting (tameshigiri) practice; kamae (8 Forms) mindset/stance practice and partner practice drills while always maintaining safety, respect for yourself, school, fellow students, master and sword.

Sun In Kwan - Perception Sword Academy
Perception Sword Academy - Head Instructor

Head Instructor

Head Instructor Brandon Frazier was introduced to Martial Arts by way of Goju Ryu Karate as a child and practiced until his teenage years. Brandon Frazier holds Dan (Black Belt) ranks in Siljun Dobup, Chosun Sebup and Kumdo (Kendo) and continues his studies under Grand Master Jin K. Seong and Head Master Myung Min. 


In addition to teaching classes at Perception Sword Academy, Brandon also assists with classes at Kumdo Academy Sung Moo in Closter NJ, as well as working for a large corporation as a Contracts Manager.

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