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Siljun Dobup

Siljun Dobup was founded by Grand Master Jin K. Seong (Kendo, Kyosa 7th Dan) from his many years of experience and training in Sword Martial Arts.


Siljun Dobup blends elements of several Sword Martial Arts such as the ancient Korean sword forms Chosun Sebup and Bonguk Geombup as well as Japanese sword forms. If watched with a close eye the movements of the Art Form also portray elements of Kumdo (Kendo) striking; spirit, sword and body as one.


Siljun Dobup may be practiced by all students and is a great way to increase focus, discipline, confidence, self-esteem, respect for yourself and others while having fun within a great Sword Martial Arts community.


Through diligent and daily practice of Siljun Dobup, students will begin to learn how to control their movements (body) and with increased repetition, eventually will develop the ability to control their minds (through the focusing of the breath) and in turn may develop a sense of calmness, relaxation, and freedom from worry and stress that we all encounter in our daily lives.

~The ultimate goal of Siljun Dobup is controlling your mind.~ 

– Grand Master Jin K. Seong –

Grand Master Jin K. Seong - Siljun Dobup

~Read "What is Siljun Dobup"

by Grand Master Jin K. Seong –

~Read "The ultimate goal of Siljun Dobup"

by Grand Master Jin K. Seong –

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