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2. Acceptance the intent of Set Soo (Water) in Siljun Dobup

In my last post we discussed Set Ji (Earth) as being the foundation of all students’ journey to mastery of self and the sword through Siljun Dobup. To reiterate, Set Ji teaches students fundamentals, drawing, sheathing and basic techniques (i.e., 8 directional cuts, proper cutting angles, stance and breath control) as well as safety, etiquette and respect for ourselves and others.

The next stage of training in Siljun Dobup is Set Soo (Water). In my opinion the intent of Set Soo (Water) is acceptance of all things internal and external; similar to riding a wave in the ocean and ultimately the wave of one’s own life. Set Soo emphasizes full range of motion, flexibility and the uncertain nature of water. If we peer at a stream, it can be slow, fast, strong or extremely soft in places. If viewed as a whole, you will see all of these qualities within. This is Set Soo, acceptance of all the streams qualities with no intent to disturb or manipulate in any way, shape or form, just complete acceptance.

The tempo of Set Soo is that of Tai Chi where your movements are in a continuous flowing motion taking on the nature of water. With practice Set Soo has the additional benefit of calming the mind and lessening stress that we accumulate in our daily lives. In order to achieve these benefits Set Soo must be practiced with the correct mindset, tempo and overall feeling or "mood".

Set Soo will continue to be my path to living a full life with acceptance of all of life’s challenges with a consistent positive outlook.

Set Soo - Siljun Dobup

Set Soo (Water) #1

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