~Our Philosophy~


Siljun Dobup "Real Sword Training" calms the Mind, hones the Body and nourishes the Spirit.  

Siljun Dobup - Youth Class

Youth Class - Perception Sword Academy - Sword Martial Arts


~Class Schedule~



570 Piermont Road, Unit A-11, Closter, NJ 07624

- Beginner Group Class* (Youth / Teen / Adult) - Sundays from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM -

*Inquire about session availability*

- Private Lessons available by appointment only -


*Full Class Schedule Here*



Please note: Only a few spaces are currently available. 


~Introduction to the Art Form (Siljun Dobup - "Real Sword Training")~

~Benefits of Sword Martial Arts Training & Student Testimonials~

~Sword Martial Arts -Wisdom~


~ The true gift of Siljun Dobup "Real Sword Training" is it can be applied to any aspect of your life in a positive manner. ~

Head Instructor Brandon L. Frazier –


~ Through the practice of Siljun Dobup "Real Sword Training", one trains himself to control his own emotions and seek

mental freedom. ~

Grand Master Jin K. Seong 


~ Our training (Siljun Dobup) is essential to developing peace & harmony within ourselves and ultimately everything we encounter

in our daily lives.~  

Head Instructor Brandon L. Frazier –

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